Knorz'sche Garden
Discover our wonderful garden.

For years the vast wilderness grew behind our house! Although there were many ideas and offers, we decided for the greatest luxury - to leave it simply garden. But then we had children and had an even better idea: "Let's create an oasis of undisturbed childhood for our guests, but also for our children and their friends.

In 2014 we started to dig a stream with pebbles into the garden (similar to the natural swimming pool in Grosse habersdorf), but we soon reached our limits and decided to build a stream in the middle of a big sandbox - and although it seems inconspicuous, it is our favourite place.

When remote-controlled Playmobil cars came out in 2015 - we knew immediately: “We need a racetrack. So we poured soil on an old tree stump and built an adequate Playmobil track around it! After a Facebook quiz she was named Kitty Katha Kehre, named after her discoverer. Get out your race car at the reception and see for yourself!

In 2016 we were already really happy with our garden - but something was missing… So it was destiny that we discovered the tree Baron at the BUGA 2016 and the dream of our own tree house.

2017- for the first birthday of the treehouses we unfortunately had to find out that the children are occupied much longer with the course of the stream and it was difficult for the little ones without parents to come down again. These findings ended in a slide and 2 rope pulls between the tree houses. Suddenly every child came down the tree-houses and even small pieces of wood were pulled up and transported back and forth. The best thing for mothers: never again will their coffee get cold.

And since we don't only share our oasis with our guests, we invite the whole surrounding area once a week for dinner. At the same time a good friend of ours made himself independent with a foodtruck and the foodtruck evening was born. The evening turned into afternoon and 1 foodtruck became 4, which drive in and out of our place alternately.

The active encouragement of our neighbours and the constant praise of our guests shows us that it was the best decision to do nothing and just leave the garden garden.