Pick from our many options.

The choices at our breakfast buffet is up to you. There are plenty of options without dairy and egg products. That´s not enough? Pick a glutenfree choice or take the vegan option. We have it all! Nobody's judging you and your preferences. We just want you to have a magical time and enjoy our freshly brewed coffee in the morning. You don't like coffee? No worries! Just ask our breakfast fairys about the amazing other opions, like our tea of life. Flavors you've never seen before. For our little guests we have hot or cold chocolate. Just how you like it. Our do it yourself cereal bar is for all the kreative heads out there. Mix and match from choclate to banana, from cinnamon to honey, you get it!

Traveling books

We're about to be a real library. We just need 1000 book for thet, but n ot any books. „Bookcrossing“ books. Each and every book has an identifikation number, this number allows the books to be given away, or to be ssend around. With the help of this nuber you can leave comments online or find the current location of this book. Thats how bookpals happen, just like penpals. You don't have to read the whole book during your stay here, you can also take it home and or give it to someone else. Here are the latest additions to our library.

Toy library
Countless games for eveyone

In 2018 IKEA, LEGO, Unilever's Persil, OMO and national geographic fonded the 'REAL PLAY COALITION' .Which has the goal to use more games as a help while studying. An we're a 100% on that. Since 2018 we're collecting games to animate our guests for a fun play night. Causse when do you find time for that, between work and more work. Baerly till never. And that's the reason we want you to use your time here with your family and enjoy fun moments. For every game we have an explination on youtube or our nice workes can explain it to you in no time. Below you can find our newest game collection.

Rent a car over get-a-way

We love sharing our specialties with you, just liek our seccond-car the opel astra. A cute small 4-door-car for evreyone witha license. We added the car to the app GETAWAY as a carsharing car. You just need to log in with your license. Inurance and gas are in the kilometer price from 0.20€ included. If you need to get extra gas, we got you! We provide an gascard in the compartment infront of the co-drivers seat. But if there are still problems just call us or come to the hotel, we're there everyday until 10 pm.